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Our Story

Argyle Foods Group is an Australian integrated agricultural company specialising in carbon, regenerative agriculture and premium value added beef and lamb. With a focus on sustainability, Argyle Foods Group is working to produce red meat whilst improving soil and land health. 

What we do

At Argyle Foods Group, we are re-imagining ourselves and our place within the Australian agricultural industry.

We believe in doing things differently, and working with others who have similar goals. There are three key divisions in which we do this:


Argyle Carbon is a leader of Australian agriculture's commitment to reducing emissions. We work to improve and restore the land we work on and support other farmers to do the same.


Argyle Pastoral holds geographically diverse land to support our regenerative land and sustainable farming practices. Combined with the highest animal welfare standards, we are committed to the ethical production of red meat for our customers. 


Argyle Meats takes pride in being at the forefront of red meat innovation globally. We have established a strong foothold across Asia, supported by our Hong Kong team, ensuring the highest level of customer service and quality.

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