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North America

Our products available within North America provide a range of top-quality Australian Farmer Owned beef. We have both grass-fed and grain-finished options to cater to consumer taste preferences. All products are grown using regenerative agricultural practices and are hormone, antibiotic, and GMO free.

Established in 1938 by the Graham family, Argyle Foods Group is one of Australia’s largest family-owned and fully-integrated food companies. Argyle's legacy continues today under the leadership of brothers and Co-CEOs Lachie and Bryce Graham, fifth generation Australian farmers.


Today, our operations are focused on becoming as sustainable as possible. Through regenerative land management and our animal welfare program, we are on a journey to reduce our environmental impact whilst producing premium, nutrient-dense beef.


Argyle's specialized integrated operations span the entire sustainable beef supply chain, from the farm gate to the customer. We take pride in our operations, sharing our journey through or bespoke brands across Australia, Asia, the UAE and North America.


Our Cattle

The art of producing great tasting beef for generations has always started on the farm for Argyle Foods Group with our multi-award winning and internationally recognised commercial breeding and fattening program.


Located in New South Wales, Australia, our prime agricultural properties are managed under regenerative farming principles to improve land health and increase biodiversity. Our livestock are key in helping to restore our ranches back to their natural state.


All cattle on our properties are raised under our own third-party audited Argyle Pastoral Program. With no added hormones and 100% chemical free, caring for our animals is our highest priority.  Raised on native pastures in a free range environment ensures the finest flavour, quality and tenderness in our product year round.


Our Brands

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Argyle Nurture

Our Argyle Nurture brand provides sustainable Australian beef which has been raised in harmony with the environment under regenerative agricultural principles. These products are all grass-fed and 100% hormone, antibiotic, and GMO free. 

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Argyle Premium

Argyle Premium offers a prime Australian-grown product that is high quality and ethically raised. This beef has been pasture-raised and grain-finished in a free range environment. These products are all grass-fed and 100% hormone, antibiotic, and GMO free. 

Our Products

Primal cuts

Our beef is available in all major primal cuts, offering a complete solution to traditional customers looking for red meat in its rawest form. All primals are packed with maximum export shelf life and customized specification if necessary.

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As industry leaders in retail ready solutions we offer a wide range of products. We use the freshest beef, perfecting the process of packing long shelf life beef and lamb. Our attractive packaging caters for all market requirements and in any language and barcode.

Argyle Food Group’s high standard approach to producing cattle has been recognised through numerous awards.

  • USDA Process Verified

  • Meat Standards Australia (MSA) graded

  • Overall excellence in Marbling for Certified Australian Angus Beef

  • Australian Beef Farmer of the year 2013

  • Australian Farmer of the year 2013

  • Australian Fine Food Industry Gold Medal 2016

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Our Marketing

Photo and video content

Bringing our customers on our journey to care for the land and our animals is important to us. We use social media to post a mix of high-quality produced and behind-the-scenes content to showcase our farms, workers, and business practices.


Educational posts

Helping our consumers understand the sustainability and nutritional attributes of red meat is a huge part of our mission at Argyle. Take a look at our Instagram @argylemeats.

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