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Argyle Foods Group

Argyle Foods Group is an Australian integrated agricultural business, specialising in the sustainable production of Australian beef and lamb. Our operations span the globe with operations in Australia and Hong Kong, supporting our supply chain to export globally.


We have a deep appreciation for regenerating the land we farm and supporting others to do the same.

Our Values

As farmers we have experienced the challenges of an increasingly volatile climate. We strongly believe that grassfed livestock production systems have a significant role to play in the decarbonising the landscape.


The Argyle business continues to evolve as an established agricultural company. We are willing to do things differently and adapt to the changing environmental and business landscape. 


Our commitment to innovation supports our unique business model. We partner with industry and commercial partners to find innovative solutions to industry-wide problems. 


Argyle Foods Group thrives on opportunity. Opportunity for our business and our employees to grow is equally important to us. 




Agriculture and food production can be a volatile operating space. We believe that our willingness to adapt and respond to market changes ensures a sustaiable operating environemnt. 

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