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Argyle Carbon

A holistic approach to decarbonising livestock production and entering carbon markets with integrity.


About Argyle Carbon

We are here to help farmers register, manage and report on projects to reduce farm emissions. Our Argyle Carbon team are passionate individuals with strong agricultural backgrounds who aim to support other farmers on their decarbonisation journey. Out team is currently servicing New South Wales and Queensland. 

What we do 

As a carbon advisor and management service with expertise across agricultural production system we will help you to understand what areas of opportunity exist to complement your operations. Our expertise include carbon sequestration as well as livestock emission reduction. We aim to remove the burden for land owners to undertake projects under the Emissions Reduction Fund and enter the carbon market. 

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Why get involved

Argyle Carbon was setup with the goal to make impactful environmental change, whilst maintaining farm productivity and increasing profitability. As farmers we have always been environmental stewards of the land we farm and we now all have the opportunity to demonstrate this to the world through decarbonisation and increased biodiversity.   

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