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Argyle Pastoral

Our cornerstone property, Argyle Pastoral, has been in the Graham family since 1938. With an expanded operating network of farms across New South Wales and Queensland, Argyle Pastoral are passionate about creating lasting environmental improvement coupled with best practice grassfed livestock production. 


Regenerative Agriculture

Argyle Pastoral has been operating under regenerative agricultural practices for 30+ years. We operate across our own properties, as well as leased and agisted landholdings. Regenerative agriculture practices are used to increase soil organic carbon and generate registered Australian carbon credit units (ACCUs) across the Argyle Pastoral owned properties. 

Animal Welfare 

Argyle Pastoral operates to the highest level of animal welfare, opting into programs such as the Global Animal Partnership and Certified Humane. Our livestock managers take care to capture and monitor all livestock on Argyle Pastoral through an individual animal management system. 


Carbon Neutral Beef 

We strive to transform our integrated supply chain to become carbon neutral through the insetting of carbon and reducing our emissions along our supply chain at every opportunity. We currently offer a range of sustainably produced meat brands with the aim of offering carbon reduced and then carbon neutral products in the future. Check out Argyle Prestige Meats for more.

Quality Assurance Programs

We back our farm production systems with global standards.

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Certified Humane® 

The Humane Farm Animal Care Standards have been developed to provide the only approved standards for the rearing, handling, transport and slaughter of Beef Cattle for use in the Certified Humane® program. 

Argyle 100% Grassfed Program 

Developed in 2014, our own program certifies our livestock as 100% grass fed, 100% hormone-free, 100% antibiotic-free, 100% GMO-free and free range, sustainably raised.  The USDA and FSIS approved program is independently audited by AUS-MEAT. 

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