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Argyle boosts regenerative ag property portfolio under management

20 Jan 2023

Argyle Foods Group (AFG) has kicked off 2023 with the recent acquisition of “Hillview Park” enhancing the company’s portfolio of properties under management.


“Hillview Park”, located in Goulburn region of the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales, presents an exciting opportunity for Argyle’s integrated beef platform. The property will be synergistic with Argyles existing land management strategies which are built upon regenerative principles. Non-traditional farming programs are planned for the property including carbon and biodiversity stewardship projects and supporting the development of renewable energy through the Crookwell 3 Wind Farm.


“The property will complement our existing livestock operations to ensure we can continue to produce premium grass-fed beef year-round for our integrated supply chain,” said Argyles Co-CEO, Lachlan Graham.


AFGs current pastoral operations span over 40 properties across New South Wales and into Victoria. This is complimented by the company’s integrated supply chain supporting both domestic and export branded beef products. The company’s newest division, Argyle Carbon, focuses on the development of carbon projects across owned and managed properties, whilst also offering these services to other landholders beyond the Argyle network.


Lachlan said the property would enable a continued expansion of Argyle’s carbon operations, with a soil sequestration project to be registered via the Clean Energy Regulator. “Argyle is excited to undertake carbon and biodiversity projects across the property which can support and enhance the sustainability of our beef production,” he said.  


The property was acquired under a property investment venture between brothers Lachlan and Bryce Graham of Argyle Foods Group and Richard Gillman of Yurrebilla Capital with financing from Rabobank, Goulburn. The property will be managed under the Argyle Foods Group pastoral and land division.


“We are stewards of the land on which we operate, and Hillview Park presents an ideal platform for the co-existence of pastoral activities and environmental sustainability” Richard Gillman said. Mr Gillman said the opportunity for the property to drive enhanced returns beyond livestock production was key in the purchasing decision.


The team expressed their gratitude for the multi-generation stewardship of the Donoghoe family with the support of Elders Real Estate in the sale process. JMA Legal and Bellchambers Barrett acted as advisors to the acquisition. Tucker Environmental are providing guidance on the biodiversity potential.  Global Power Generation Australia will develop Crookwell 3 Windfarm on the property.


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