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Argyle Foods Group and Sure Good Foods announce new commercial partnership

21 Nov 2023

Australian vertically integrated beef company, Argyle Foods Group (Argyle), and global meat trading company, Sure Good Foods (SGF) have engaged in a new commercial partnership.


In a new phase of expansion, SGF will bring its experienced global sales team to support the growth of Argyle’s bespoke grass and grainfed brands. SGF will build on Argyle’s existing footprint across China, Asia and the US to further expand sales through its global operations, allowing Argyle to focus on the expansion of its supply chain.


SGF President, Troy Warrant said on the partnership; “this is an exciting opportunity for us to further integrate with the supply chain and enable our customers to engage with the product prior to sales.” Troy said that the SGF team will bring complimentary skills to the Argyle team, with operations specialising in sales, logistics management and export documentation.


For Argyle, the partnership is the next step in its growth strategy and allowing focus within its supply chain to be on building and delivering sustainable land, beef and livestock operations.


Co-CEO, Lachlan Graham, said that since closing Argyle’s own processing facility in 2019, the team has been focused on strengthening its own pastoral program, “Argyle Pastoral”, and its sustainable land management portfolio. “We are now at the point where we are ready to expand our pastoral program with other likeminded producers. Partnering with the Sure Goods team will help us ensure we have a customer base who appreciate the product our supply chain is producing,” he said.  


“Working with a group as experienced as the Sure Goods team is exciting for our business and growth,” Lachlan said.


SGF and Argyle have launched the partnership with a significant focus on increasing production and sales volume of grassfed, GMO free, antibiotic free, HGP and never confined product into the North American Market.


About Argyle Foods Group

Argyle Foods Group is an integrated Australian agricultural company specialising in regenerative cattle and land management and sustainable beef production.  Under the management of Co-CEOs, Lachlan and Bryce Graham, Argyle is focussed on supplying sustainably raised beef to our customers. Argyles company operations include Argyle Carbon, Argyle Pastoral and Argyle Meats.


About Sure Good Foods

Sure Good Foods has been operating since 2000, having been renamed from Wilkinson Foods International in 2017.  Sure Good Foods core strength is trading food products across the globe. Organizationally, they have over 1,100 customers across the world, managed by 55+ traders. Annually, Sure Good Foods handle the shipment of over 1,022M lbs of pork, poultry, beef, seafood, fruit and vegetables and juice concentrates across 50+ countries. The Australian division is led by Managing Director, Michael Niblett.

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